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Animation Movies: Best Character Design Tips

Animation Movies: Best Character Design Tips
Animation Movies: Best Character Design Tips

Character design is not as simple as it appears in cartoons, movies, and animation. It takes designers a long time to create a character for a particular story. Character designing can have complexities, but designers always aim to keep them simple. This is more than just readable features, clean lines that are required in a character. This is also where to emphasize the character’s personality and where to lay it down. We have seen Disneyland cartoons, Tom and Jerry, Ice Age movies, The Jungle Book and so much more, and each one of the above-mentioned individuals have made a strong impact in our minds to survive forever. It is very complicated to start character building but if one has an idea of ​​character in mind then the following tips will be helpful.

Animation Movies: Best Character Design Tips

Get to know the audience

The audience of any creative project is important in determining its outline. This should be the most important step on how to design the characters. Characters designed for children are brilliant in colors and have got a very original shape. If a client is working for projects, then you need to follow the character specifications shared by your client.

Know positioning

Under what conditions and how the character will be introduced in the story also plays an important role in character designing. A part of which medium will be seen in which medium is also shown here. Generally small mediums such as mobile phones do not require intricacies in the characters as larger screens are required. Also, whatever the medium, character designing always starts with paper, pencil, lots of sketches, ideas, and more.

Analyze other designs

You should analyze why some characters are successful and some are not. Do a proper research through the study of various characters appearing in cartoon channels, animation films, advertisements, etc.

Your character must be unique

Whether its size, its personality, its dress or its color, the animation characters must be unique to stand out in the crowd. It can be an animal or a human or an animal, the character’s design needs to be interesting to get people’s attention.

Emphasis on line and styles

Lines that should be thick or thin line can be easily and easily fabricated, which is a personality that is cute, attractive and impressive. People demand accuracy in composition and become very cautious about the completeness of the personality projected in the stories.

Increase Features

If the sphere becomes larger then it attracts the attention of the audience as it appears larger than life. It helps the audience identify the character and enhances the character’s personal traits in addition to remembering it forever. This may include – large nose, raised eyes, 2 fingers, large head-shaped hands.

Colors make a big difference

Choose colors carefully; As colors make a big difference and help your creation become noticeable in a crowd. Colors such as black, blue, gray have negative intentions, while lighter colors – white, blues, pink and yellow describe innocence and purity.

Clothing and Accessories

The story talks about the character’s traits as costume and accessories, besides its social status. Plenty of diamonds and gems, and useless and dirty clothes indicate a poor lifestyle. Apart from accessories such as swords, the flying device just adds personality and character roles.

Personality and facial expression

The personality of the character is a very important rule to follow when creating it. How it reacts in different situations, how its expression changes it reveals the character’s role. Whether the character is dull or sporty or genius or friendly or destructive and villainous. The facial expression says it all. Movement of the eyes, nose, or lips can indicate whether someone is explosive, irritable, jealous, depressed, happy, anxious or scared. A person can read emotions by facial expressions depending on his / her nature.

Character with goals

Whether watching a movie, reading a story, or watching animation, the main character’s goal is to be the inspiration behind a character’s personality. To make the story a dramatic angle, the character should aim, such as helping the needy, solving mysteries, protecting people from evil characters.

Creating a Background

A story to return the character makes it more interesting. Where did it come from, what changes did his life bring, how did he think about meeting a challenging goal, etc. can add inspiring angles and interesting to the story.

Check and learn

Don’t follow the rule book every time. It also depends on the mood of the artist how the personality of the character will be made. You should be open to experiments that can produce interesting results.

It is not a bad idea to use paper and pencil

You can use paper and pencil for draw your character first. When the drawing was seen far away with the help of software, most of the interesting characters were drawn. Many interesting things happen while working on paper, this may not be possible on a computer. In addition, it gives the artist a good feeling of making something with his hands and giving life to a picture drawn on paper.

Let people share their thoughts

This will help you understand if you are capable of interacting with the character audience or if you want to keep the personality in your composition. Is the character able to express his symptoms in a planned way.

Think beyond your plans

As an artist it is necessary to imagine your creation on different platforms. How it will look on 2D and 3D platforms. Which platform will enhance superior qualities and which platform audience would prefer to see it?

The right environment makes it popular

The atmosphere in which the composition dwells and interacts makes the audience feel of the character. This reinforces the character’s life in the audience’s mind.

Turn life into characters

Your Animation creation should look like a real-life character. Its facial expressions, the environment it lives in and the personality it is in every situation that is close to real-world characters, it is accepted by the audience.

Animation Movies: Best Character Design Tips with Video Tutorial


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