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Barish Season 3 Launch Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer

Barish Season 3 Launch Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer
Barish Season 3 Launch Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer

Introduction of Barish Season 3

Barish or rain has always been an intermediary between two lovers, especially in Indian cinema. Two seasons of the web series Barish have already aired on Zee 5, the second was aired in May 2020 and since then it has been live online streaming and received positive reviews from critics and viewers. Barish is the story of two strangers with different backgrounds of cultures and economic status. They meet, fall in love, and so the story. The shooting location is completely selected. No other place could do justice to the series and its name was apparently other than Mumbai. Mumbai and Rain are inseparable. The web series has also been renewed for its third season.

Baarish Season 3 Launch Date

There has been no official announcement regarding the launch date for Barish season 3, but the trailer is expected to be released in April of 2021. We are expecting delays due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, but so far, the trailer date is the same. Sources expect the season to be ready for release by the middle of next year, but we are still waiting, for any kind of confirmation from the makers.


The cast will remain the same in the first two seasons. It stars Asha Negi and Sharman Joshi in lead roles. Other supporting cast include Shubhangani Latkar, Priya Latkar, and Shubhangini Banerjee. A web series full of romance and drama has been developed by noted producer Ekta Kapoor for Zee 5, Altalaji, and is directed by yet another talented filmmaker Nandita Mehra.

Barish season 3 plot

Season 1 was based on Gouravi’s perspective, a role played by Asha Negi. The actress has performed brilliantly and she is perfectly fit for the role. In season 2, Anuj’s character is played by Sharman Joshi. Sherman besides being a talented actor ensures that he brings out the best in every single role he plays. The audience is now wondering what will happen next? How will season 3 be? This enthusiasm has really made his audience eager to be a part of its third season soon and hopes that his long wait for the next season will be worth it.

Latest Update of Barish Season 3

The first two seasons showed all the elements, starting with the extreme love of two strangers, even though there was much anticipation and hatred from different horizons, which also led to the divorce. So vast in just two seasons, the next season will probably be something very unique. Whose point of view will be addressed in the following season? Will she be both or will the story take another turn? Everyone is speculating because there is no confirmation yet. Wait for a few more months and be ready to watch our favorite series again. Must say, the lead actors have shown the ultimate chemistry between them in both seasons.

How to see Barish season 3?

Barish is an ALT Balaji original web series and you can watch on only on the ALT Balaji app. Since Barish season 1 suits only ALT Balaji and Section 2, it is natural that season 3 will do the same. The ALT Balaji application requires a monthly or annually subscription without which you are unable to watch the series:

  • Download ALT Balaji app through App Store or Google Play Store
  • Subscribe to this and login to your account

Watch Barish season 2 after you better understand about the Barish season 3.


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