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Filmfare Awards – History and Facts

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Filmfare Awards History

The Filmfare Awards are a group of awards that honor artistic and technical excellence in India’s Hindi-language film industry. The Filmfare Festival is one of the most prestigious film events in India. The Awards were first presented by The Times Group in 1954, the same year as the National Film Awards. He was initially referred to as “The Claire Awards” or “The Claire” after Times of India editor Claire Mendonca. A dual voting system was developed in the year of 1956. Under this system, the Filmfare Awards are not distributed like the National Film Awards, with a committee formed by the Government of India. A separate system is used for the Filmfare Awards in which the public is voted on.

The ceremony was formerly sponsored by various private organizations as well as in the current provisions. Over the course of several years in the 1990s, a live ceremony was broadcast to television audiences, but was later discontinued for unknown reasons. From 2000 onwards, a recorded and edited version of the awards ceremony was broadcast on the SET a week or two after the ceremony was held. Since 2018, the ceremony has aired on Colors. The 65th Filmfare Awards ceremony was held on 16 February 2020 at Sursajai Stadium in Guwahati. The Filmfare Awards are often called the equivalent of the Academy Awards of the Hindi film industry in the United States. The Filmfare Awards remained a very popular Bollywood award until the mid-1990s. No other awards were so popular in this decade. It is not that there were no recognized awards at that time. But after the year 2000, its value started deteriorating.

Similar Awards

Apart from the flagship program, Filmfare also has variations for other Indian film industries, such as South Indian Cinema for Filmfare Awards South, Filmfare Marathi Awards for Marathi Cinema and Filmfare Awards East for East Indian Cinema.

Facts About the Filmfare Awards

  • Filmfare Awards are started in 1956 by The Times Group.
  • Winners are selected with Public Opinion Polls.
  • Filmfare Awards gives the honor artistic and technical excellence in India’s Hindi-language film industry
  • The most Filmfare awards won by Gulzar (21 Times )

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