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Hamilton Film Review: ‘Raise A Glass To Freedom’

Hamilton Film Review ‘Raise A Glass To Freedom’ In This Lin-Manuel Miranda Masterpiece
Hamilton Film Review ‘Raise A Glass To Freedom’ In This Lin-Manuel Miranda Masterpiece

Hamilton Film Review:

There is always something about seeing the art that depicts the life of the revolutionaries participating in the campaign of freedom of a country. And the life of one of America’s founding fathers is even more thrilling than being translated into music over the weekend of July four. This story is from the past, but perhaps questions the principles of the country and its people when it was founded – where do they stand now? In today’s time, it may be very much needed in the face of impending crises.

Lin-Manuel Miranda initially performed one of the numbers called My Shot – an incredibly powerful hip-hop style performance that set an important tone for the music. Within this is a line that calls out the British for their colonial rule and there is a powerful call for America to become the ‘United States of America‘ that it later became. Perhaps the idea of ​​revolution against the British is almost a global appeal, enough to get someone who hasn’t had a Broadway musical hook on it. Hamilton has been described as a cultural phenomenon in the United States and precisely because of its audacity expressed through art to be seen worldwide.

Cast and Crew

  • Director: Alex Lacamoire
  • Cast: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, Chris Jackson, Leslie Odom Jr., Jonathan Groff, Philipa Soo, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Jasmine Cephas Jones
  • Producer: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jeffery Seller
  • Where to watch Hamilton: Disney+ Hotstar Premium 

Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury and an architect of the American banking system, and one of the founding fathers, had a painful childhood and traveled from America to the Caribbean to study, but later became one of the country’s most powerful figures. American history is rated in a musical – a thoroughly entertaining and colorful. Lynn-Manuel Miranda’s faith in Hamilton as a person is so deep that it manifested in this larger-than-life work of art.

Hamilton premiered in public theatre in early 2015 before moving to Broadway. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote music, book and lyrics, becomes his character with such precision that it would be difficult to separate him from Hamilton as a character for a long, long time. In June 2016, director Thomas Kael and cinematographer Declan Quinn filmed in front of a live audience at the Richard Rodgers Theater. It is a blessing for lovers of theater and music.

The cast is a dedication to inclusivity. It includes Latino and black artists as the other founding fathers of America – a sign of inclusiveness that the world needs to take cues from. Daveed Diggs and Marquis de Lafayette as Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Jackson as George Washington, and Leslie Odom Jr. as both Hamilton’s friend and nemesis are so fine, that the close-up shots of his face at the time are the same As if they are watching a glass on the character. Even a gentle chic of eyebrows serves as a cue to bring out the best out of fellow cast members.

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The Schuyler sisters – played by Renee Ellis Goldsberry, Philip Soe and Jasmine Sefas Jones – are a pure joy to watch and hear, especially Goldsberry’s satisfaction. It is refreshing to see actors portraying historical characters with such unexpected spunk, the song gets stuck in your head and you really want to have it as one of your playlists. The choreographic precision is so important that the entire film feels almost surreal as the actors perform their dance through the most important chapters of American history.

Lynn Manuel-Miranda’s theatrical Magnum Ops adds the most to her sense of optimism. It is not just the performance that arouses emotion or the song that refers to literature and music – it is fiction, which is not a documentary of the man per se, but his optimism to break the wheel and see a new world of freedom Talks about The story clearly shows Lynn-Manuel Miranda’s conviction and each of its characters — Leslie Odom Jr.’s Aaron Burr who sings For Weight for It ‘which brings goosebumps to the screen — it’s live. Imagine it

Disney Plus’ Hamilton is a 162-minute endless flow of energy that tells stories of scandal, politics, rivalry and, above all – the most human will to freedom. Alexander Hamilton, with his will, talent, tenacity, and determination, became the founding father of America by wealth, a trait that moved revolutions, liberated countries and mountains. Book your Front Row seats, and ‘raise a glass for freedom’ with Lin-Manuel Miranda because while history may or may not repeat itself, watching a Broadway musical at home is not much of an experience.


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