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How to Choose the Right Acoustic Guitar

How to Choose the Right Acoustic Guitar
How to Choose the Right Acoustic Guitar

Are you planning to buy or shopping Acoustic Guitar? Right then before buying Guitar, this article is helpful for you for choosing the right acoustic guitar.

If you are well known about the musical instruments and if you wish to hone your guitar-playing skills, then you can invest right acoustic guitar like solid wood, semi-acoustic or electro-acoustic guitar.

Here we suggest few things you can look at when selecting the ideal acoustic guitar:

How to Choose the Right Acoustic Guitar

Wood Quality:

When you are shopping for acoustic guitar, you will notice that parts of the guitar are often made from different types of wood. The quality tone-woods used for making a guitar and projection of the tone. This is an important point if you investing in a guitar then assure that they have quality and great tone. All the best instruments are made from solid wood because solid wood has a better sound as they age.

However, if you are a learner of instruments then we advise buying a guitar with laminate body as it sturdy and easy to maintain.

This combination of woods, quality and types used for making a quality guitar with its tone. Guitars have main feature with solid wood tops with laminated back sides. All instruments are made of solid wood that is the reason guitar produce a richer and more resonant sound. Spruce and Cedar are used for making of guitar tops, while Rosewood, Maple and Mahogany are used for back side.


Spruce is most common quality wood used for making acoustic guitar top. This type of wood have excellent strength weight ratio give the maintaining strength and making it resonant. Spruce tops remain responsive and agile, making it ideal for styles such as strumming and flat-picking.


Cedar is light and is often chosen for finger-picking. This is softer and does not share any strength such as spruce. Cedar give over-driven if is harshly played with and compress the sound.


This is an High quality wood that falls in the middle of the tonal spectrum with perfecting the balance as it exudes a bright and warm sound..


A maple body is produces a bright and dry tone with a very distinct as well-defined high-end.

Intonation, Fret Buzz, and Tuning Stability:

Try to play chord and single note. To confirm that the fretboard has been carefully make, the cord needs a tune and precise sound. Professional musicians love their action for a banging, dynamic sound, but if you’re a beginner or buying your first acoustic guitar, you’ll find less action to suit your needs. Try to look for a guitar with a double truss-rod in the neck so that the action can adjust again when the neck is heated.

An easy trick to check the tone of a guitar is to straw the open D chord and then play the same D chord in the guitar’s 14th fret. If these get out of tune, you know, that’s not a guitar.

While trying out your guitar, you may notice that the tuning drops repeatedly, this may be the result of faulty moto-heads. You must be certain that the tuning pegs are set before purchasing your ideal guitar.


As you walk around and try out many guitars, you will be quick to realize that the guitar that caught your eye and you feel that the ideal guitar you imagined to be is not the best fit for you . Guitars come in various shapes and sizes and large guitars are not necessarily the best match for you, it is best suited to know and find the right acoustic guitar body style.

Dreadnought is the most common type of acoustic body style range from classic, jumbo, super jumbo, travel size,  auditorium and concert. The sound and tonal emphasis of these guitars is different and is something you want to research and see before arranging for a guitar. The ability to play a guitar also depends on the cutaway design of the guitar, if you are a lead guitarist or want to become a lead guitarist, you want to see the guitar with a single cutaway or maybe a double cutaway design in a bout. This design lets you reach higher frets on the guitar neck.

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Quick Tips

  • For beginners, try a light bronze or spur bronze wire.
  • If your guitar is too old or out of date, you may need to make special repairs or purchase lighter strings.
  • Round wound strings are slightly coarse and have more “squeak” than flat wounds.
  • If you want to sound like a specific brand, see what types of wire they care to use.
  • Never quit trying different brands; A person can come up with a new line that can be more to your liking.
  • If your acoustic guitar is carefully constructed for a specific gauge, you may need to make repairs to replace the gauge.


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