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National Film Awards: History, Category, Eligibility

National Film Awards
National Film Awards

The National Film Awards is the most prominent film awards ceremony given by the Government of India. Its existence was brought in 1954 by the Government of India. The Indian Panorama and International Film Festival have also been administered since 1973 by the Indian Film Directorate with its establishment.

It is a film festival organized every year. The winner is selected by a national panel appointed by the government of India. The distribution ceremony of the National Film Awards is held in the country’s capital New Delhi. It is one of the highest awards in the country, which is conferred by the first citizen of India, ie the President of India.

The award-winning films are screened for the public at this National Film Festival. These awards declared Only films produced in the previous year across the country.

About the National Film Awards

The award is given for the best films in every region and language for the best contribution to Indian cinema. The award is considered to be the most prestigious cinema award among all film awards in India due to the national scale.


The National Film Awards was brought into existence in 1954 by the Government of India. It was brought to the nation by awarding films made in the country to promote Indian art and culture. For a few years, the National Film Awards ceremony was held on its own, but after 1973, along with other major film programs, the event began to be held.


The National Film Awards are divided into two types of categories.

  • Feature Films
  • Non-Feature Films

Every year, more than 100 films are considered eligible for the awards. It includes each categories of films whether feature films or non-feature films.


The juries are appointed by the Government of India to consider which film is eligible or not for the National Film Awards. No any affected for this film festival awards by the government and the directorate of India. All the criteria are strictly followed while selecting the film for these Awards. A film is feature film or non-feature films all decide by Juries only.


A list of documents and regulations related to the distribution of Film Awards has been made, which is known as the National Film Awards Regulations. The criteria for eligibility contains many clauses are as below:

  • The filmmaker and director must have Indian citizenship.
  • Films are produced in India.
  • A film should be certified by the Central Board of Film Certification between calendar year.


The Awards are categorized in three sections:-

  • Feature Films
  • Non-Feature Films
  • Best Writing on Cinema

The three categories have their own different aims. Feature film and non-feature film are designed to promote social relevance, objective aesthetics, and technical excellence. Films contribute to the appreciation of cultures of different regions of the country. In which the film has a mixture of unity and integrity of the nation. The second and Best Writing on Cinema aims to encourage the appreciation and encouragement of coverage of articles, various books, reviews, and newspapers. The National Film Awards one another same awards is a Lifetime Achievement Award in the name of Dadasaheb Phalke Are being given and Filmfare awards belong to cinema awards.

Winners are awarded medals, cash prizes and certificates of merit as a reward.

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